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Why and How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Updated: Jul 14

There are lots of different ways to clean your makeup brushes and I am going to cover a few different ways along with the way I do it. But let’s start with why we should clean them! I am surprised at how many people do not do it regularly.

Our makeup brushes can become a breeding ground for bacteria. They can become built up with dead skin cells, oil, makeup, and bacteria. If you are starting to have an increase of breakouts this may be the cause. You can also transfer bacteria from your brushes to your makeup. I know I spend quite a bit of money on products, so I do not want to do that!

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Another reason to take care of our makeup brushes is so they don't start to break down and start to get stiff or have broken bristles. If this happens it can be very irritating to the skin. This can cause itchy red skin.

Do we have to spend a lot on our makeup brushes? Several factors go into this decision. Do you wear makeup daily? Do you want natural bristle or synthetic? Expensive does not always mean better! Natural bristle brushes typically are softer on the skin than synthetic. Synthetics are typically more affordable. They are starting to come out with some improved synthetic brushes that are cruelty-free but are much more comparable to natural bristle brushes.

How to clean your brushes

I do a two-part brush cleaning; I use a spray-on my brushes daily after using them. I use IT Brush Bath daily after using my brushes. It is easy to do, after using you spray the bristles and gently rub them on a towel to remove the product from the bristles.

Although this spray is extremely helpful makeup still finds a way up into the bristles, so I still do a deep clean of my brushes every couple of weeks. I soak them in Monat’s Black Shampoo. This is a gentle clarifying shampoo that is naturally based. It will gently remove makeup that has built up within the bristles of your makeup brushes. I have a video below of the process I use to clean my brushes with our Black Shampoo.

I know a lot of people that use silicone brush pads and love them! I have not used them yet but may in the future. They are a great idea! Please let me know down in the comments if you use them and if you have a favorite one!

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