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Thinning Hair? Help is Here!

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Hair thinning can be difficult for both men and women. There can be so many reasons for your hair thinning! Your first stop should always be to see your physicians and ask for their professional opinion. But after you do this, you can start exploring ways to help build your confidence back up all while stimulating new hair growth and promoting a healthy scalp!

Some links may be affiliate links. That means I may make a commission if you use my links to purchase, at no extra added cost to you! I only recommend products that I personally love and believe in.

Hair loss can be caused by so many things! Some of the most common causes can be:

  1. STRESS! This can sometimes be one of the most common.

  2. Nutritional deficiencies

  3. Medication, including some vitamins. There are many prescription medications that are known to cause hair loss so be sure to speak to your doctor about that!

  4. Systemic disorders

  5. Inflammatory disorders

  6. Hormones…yep!

MONAT has a Scientific Advisory Board, and they address different causes of hair loss, in the video below. Dr. Antonella Tosti believes that patients need to understand that hair loss usually occurs 3 months after a triggering event. It is also important to figure out if your hair is “breaking” or you are actively having hair loss.

I know personally that my hair has never grown so fast since I began using Monat products! I have been blessed by the fact that I have not had to deal with hair loss for the most part. I did have some hair loss after having my children and some after my Thyroid Cancer diagnosis and treatment. But for the most part, I have not had to deal with it.

Recently my daughter who is an adult started on a new medication several months ago and began having hair loss. It began to become more and more noticeable to her and it was beginning to concern her. I was able to get her started on a Monat haircare routine and her results after only using the products for 2 months are absolutely amazing to me! She is extremely happy with her results as well.

I like to do a personalized routine with everyone due to everyone having unique haircare needs but below is what we have been doing to achieve her results after 2 months. We will continue to adjust as we need to. If you would like a consultation, I would love to help you too! Just click here.

Shampoo: 1st shampoo, Black 2-1 shampoo

2nd shampoo, Renew shampoo

Conditioner: Volumizing Revitalizing conditioner

Rejuveniqe Oil: routine oil treatment. (Usually recommend 1-2 times per week)

Intense Repair Treatment: sprays on concerning areas 2x a day.

Monat products are naturally based and free from:


Cyclic Silicones



Plastic Microbeads

Harmful Colors

Harmful Fragrances

Harmful Colors

Animal Testing

Additionally, we are Vegan & Gluten-free, and Leaping Bunny Certified!

Below you will find more detailed information on the above products that I gave my daughter for her personalized haircare routine.

People keep asking me how and why I talk so much about Monat products, and this is one of the many reasons! They work and they can give back a person’s confidence! Whether we like to admit it or not we feel better if we feel confident with our appearance. The Monat community sees this also daily and that is why most Market Partners are passionate about our products because the products and the company make such a difference in people's lives!

I am a skeptic by nature, so I need to see with my own eyes! Below are a few more before and after's of real people with real results!

Please share any experiences that you have had below or if you have any questions. If you would like a consultation to get started on your own personalized haircare routine please click the link below!

~Your hair is your crown that you never take off, make it shine!

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