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The Art of Layering - Hair Products

Did you know that there is an art to the layering of your hair styling products?

Did you know, if you put them on incorrectly you may either get an adverse effect or, they just won’t work the way they are meant to?

That’s why I am here! Don’t stress; it may explain why some of your styling products aren’t performing the way you expected them to.

Some links may be affiliate links. That means I may make a commission if you use my links to purchase, at no extra added cost to you! I only recommend products that I personally love and believe in.

Most styling products perform best when you remove 50% of the water out of your hair before applying them. The best way to do this is to wrap your hair up in a micro-fiber towel after washing. *To prevent breakage, never rub your hair to get the water out. Always try to be gentle. Use a wide-tooth comb to gently detangle, starting from the bottom, and work your way up. Never rip through your hair aggressively; you will create breakage.

1st Step!

Your first layer of application should always be your Primers & Styling Creams. Think of this as you are “Prepping” your hair.

This is the step when you would apply the following products:

  • Restore Leave-In Conditioner

  • Rejuvabeads Split End Mender

  • Frizz-Fix Smoothing Hair Primer

  • Damage Repair Bond-Fortifying Leave-In Crème

  • Air Dry Cream

2nd Step!

This second layer is typical for any sprays or mousses that you will be using. Think of your “lighter” products being applied at this time. They tend to be more of the volume products.

This is the step when you would apply the following products:

  • Volume & Lift Spray

  • Reshape Root Lifter

  • Moxie Mousse

3rd Step!

The final layer is saved for your gels and blow-out creams. The “heavier” products are going to be protecting your hair from the heat. If you are using heat on your hair, even if it’s just blow drying, please use a heat protectant on it! It will help to keep your hair healthy and shiny!

This is the step when you would apply the following products:

  • Flexible Hold Gel

  • Blow Out Cream

Helpful tips while applying styling products:

  • I like to recommend using a wide-tooth comb to gently comb through each product after application, so you get even distribution. There are exceptions to this rule: if the product directions don’t recommend you do this, or curly girls generally do not follow this rule.

  • When using a spray, use sections of hair, and be sure to spray at the roots and crown and not just on the outer layer of your hair.

  • Emulsify cream and lotions in your hands before applying and start in the back of your head and work your way forward. This way product will not be highly concentrated in one spot.

Concentrated & Naturally Based

Monat products are naturally based and concentrated, so you do not use as much of the product. Your products end up lasting longer than you are used to from using other products! So, how much should I use? See the guide below!

How are your products currently working for you? Did these tips help? If you have any additional tips or questions, please comment below!

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