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Sweater Dress Trend 2020

I am so excited about the sweater dress trend! I know I keep saying this, but back in the day, we wore sweater dresses! I remember the exact sweater dress I had as a teen, it was a black and white strip. I loved it! It is funny how everything seems to come back around. It kind of makes me wonder why I get rid of anything! Some links may be affiliate links. That means I may make a commission if you use my links to purchase, at no extra added cost to you! I only recommend products that I personally love and believe in.

I do think there are many more choices today than back then. Fabrics and styles have come a long way, not to mention the accessories that you can put with them! I like to typically dress in classic and neutral tones. I recently found a great sweater dress on Amazon of all places! It is super cute.

I guess you have decisions to make when looking for your perfect sweater dress. Are you looking for something casual or more on the chic side? Do you want something that is thick and warm or do you need something a little more thin because you live in a warmer southern zone?

After you decide on the type you want, the snowball effect starts to take place! Do you have shoes or boots that will pair with your new sweater dress? Do you need a belt or some other type of fastener to wear around your waist? Just a few examples of things you may need or just need an excuse to buy new!

I have picked out a few of my favorite lightweight sweater dresses. These are dresses that you can wear while it's still Fall and the weather hasn't gotten cold yet. These would be great to wear running errands, going out to lunch, shopping, or just about anything for your day to day activities. These would also be great to throw on a pair of cute slip-on sneakers, booties, or you might even get away with sandals in the south!

I have picked out a few of my favorite thicker and warmer sweater dresses. These are dresses that you can wear in the winter months or the Fall up North! You can always wear leggings or tights underneath. I have even seen some wear jeans under and turn them into a long sweater. I think you could get away with slip-on sneakers with some of them, booties and boots would look great. If you can find a great pair of over the knee boots, that would be perfect.

Do you need some accessory ideas? Most of the time, you won't need to wear a belt with a sweater dress, but if you do decide to, I have picked a few of my favorite choices below.

So do you have this season's sweater dress yet? If not, are you planning on purchasing one? Let me know below in the comments your thoughts!

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