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Sit Back and Relax!

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

I love porches! When we lived in Ohio we, unfortunately, did not have a porch. When we were looking for our home in South Carolina, one of my requirements was it had to have a porch and palm trees. I not only wanted one porch, but I also wanted a southern home with a double porch. My wish came true! For as long as I can remember I have loved porches, they make a home look more inviting in my opinion. Growing up in Ohio my childhood home did not have a porch, my parents moved to Montana and my Mom always had dreamed of having a porch also. My parents built their dream home and my Mom finally got her large porch looking out at the mountains, beautiful!

Porches have a few different names, piazza, and veranda. I guess it depends where you live geographically and where your porch is on your home. Porches were popular in southern homes prior to AC. They were a place where families could go to sit and take advantage of the breezes to help cool off. I have seen many porches in Charleston with a "privacy door" on them, people used these as "sleeping porches" or for privacy to just strip down to their bloomers back in the day when they dressed to the nines to cool off!

I don't think I need to tell you how much I love my porch, I have decked it out with rocking chairs and a swing. My husband and I love to go and sit with a Moscow Mule and relax. We also love decorating for holidays, 4th of July, and Memorial Day we put up red, white, and blue flag banners. I will link them on my "favorite things" page. This year I put up some hanging ferns, I found these awesome retractable hooks that you can pull them down to water and then push them back up when you are done. Amazing! (I will link them also!) We had Cardinals build a nest in there. I will have to tell you my theory on Cardinals another time, but they are one of my favorite birds!

Do y'all have porches and if you don't are you going to put it on your must-have for your next home? I am looking forward to decorating for the holidays, how do y'all decorate your porches? I would love some ideas!

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