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Real or Artificial

Most people seem to have a pretty strong opinion and preference on the subject of having a real or artificial Christmas tree. I think it goes back to childhood for most people. You either hold strong; and continue the tradition you had as a child or, you rebel and go the opposite way.

When I was a child, we had an artificial tree. I can still picture the whole process! Our tree had color-coded branches, my Dad was the official tree putter upper and, my Mom always sat back and watched and enjoyed. My Dad unboxed the tree and, he would give my sisters and me the tree branches and, our job was to put them into piles by color. I have two sisters and, it never failed that one of us would get yelled at for putting one of the branched in the wrong pile, kind of a tradition, you could say! Back "then" the trees did not come with lights on them so, we also had to put lights on. We also had tinsel, which I believe is outlawed now! Does anyone remember that stuff?! My Mom would get so frustrated when we would put clumps of it on the tree. I don't ever remember having a real tree.

I have continued the tradition of having an artificial tree in our home and have always had since adulthood. I actually usually have at least 2 trees. Since we moved to South Carolina, I now have a coastal Christmas theme. I really enjoy it, I realize that it is not for everyone. My home, outside of Christmas time, has a coastal décor theme so, this fits right in with it. I will link some of my favorite items below. Some links may be affiliate links. That means I may make a commission if you use my links to purchase, at no extra added cost to you! I only recommend products that I personally love and believe in.

I have stayed away from having a real tree for several reasons. I think mostly; because it is what I am accustomed to and also real ones are messy and; I don't like messy things! I believe some people like the smell of a real tree, they have such great fragrances now that you can get them and you won't even know that it isn't a real tree! Trees have come such a long way since my sisters and; I were putting them in color-coded piles. :)

I am going to dive more into family traditions next week. So are you a real or artificial tree person?

Below are some of the top rated artificial Christmas trees.

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