• Julie Manquen

Never Forget the Smile!

My Mom taught me many things growing up and I still remember sitting on her bed watching her get ready each day. She always taught my sisters and me that we should get "ready" every day. She curled her hair and put make-up on daily. I even remember when she was so sick and dying from cancer she still was getting "ready" because she wanted to try and look her best. It amazes me what sticks with us from childhood. Still today I get up and get "ready" every day. Even on days when I am sick and am not feeling well I almost always get up and take a shower and try to get ready for the day. I think it just makes us feel better about ourselves, when we look good we feel good. If we lay around and don't shower we just feel bad. If we feel like we are ready for the day, we are ready for what comes at us. This in no way means that every day that you have to dress like you are going to a special event but my mom's philosophy was, "you never know who you will run into". What are your thoughts on this and does anything stick in your mind from your childhood?

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