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How Hot is Too Hot When Using Hot Tools?

Did you know that there are recommendations for what maximum level of heat you should keep your hot tools at depending on your type of hair? To maintain healthy shiny hair, it is best to turn down the heat as low as possible and still be able to achieve the desired results! Products can be your best friend when it comes to hot tools and protection. First, we are going to review the ideal maximum level of heat for your hair type and then I will show you some great products that will protect your hair so you can maintain that shine and healthy hair!

How hot is too hot?

*Always review the instructions of the hot tool that you are using!

Superfine hair and chemically treated hair that might have some damage

  • Up to 260 degrees

  • We need to be cautious and gentle with super fine and damaged hair, a lot of the time you will already have breakage and you do not want to increase the breakage any further.

Fine hair

  • 260 to 350 (maximum) degrees

Average to Medium hair

  • 350 to 400 (maximum) degrees

  • Typically, this type of hairstyles very easy.

Thick and coarse

  • 400 to 450 (maximum) degrees

Some links may be affiliate links. That means I may make a commission if you use my links to purchase, at no extra added cost to you! I only recommend products that I personally love and believe in.

Let’s talk products!

Are you currently using a heat protectant on your hair when using hot tools? Your blow dryer is also considered a hot tool and your hair needs to be protected from that also! I always recommend trying to dry your hair on a lower setting, if possible, it takes a little more time, but your hair will have more shine and it will not damage your hair as much.

  • Monat Blow Out Cream – this is my favorite product! Provides silicone-like performance, without silicone build-up, has low-to-medium heat protection, reduces styling time, restores softness and shine, provides a smooth, silky, sleek look to your style, prolongs the life of your blow-dry, great for all hair types.

  • Monat Studio One Heat Protectant Spray - Provides high heat (450°F/232°C) and UV protection to prevent damage and breakage, a natural silicone alternative improves slip to reduce friction while styling, apply to wet or dry hair.

  • Monat Thermal Protectant Styling Shield - Easy and pleasant to use, leaves hair looking healthy and shiny, improves manageability and smoothness, safe for color-treated hair, for all hair types and textures, allergy, and dermatology tested, hypoallergenic

Different products work better for different people, if you are interested in finding out what would work best for you please click the link below and we can get started with a personalized routine for you!

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