• Julie Manquen

Growing Old Gracefully

I have mixed emotions about aging, on one hand, I feel blessed for every birthday that I am given because we are never promised tomorrow. I have witnessed this for myself. On the other hand, it is really hard seeing yourself fall apart! I have always heard older people say that they look in the mirror and still see that young vibrant person of their youth, yet others start to see them as "old" and we also start to feel and see ourselves that way also.

I had Lasik eye correction surgery back in the early 2000s. I hated wearing glasses, even as a child. I remember having to get glasses in 2nd grade. There were not many kids that had to wear them but I did, I would try to get away with not. My Mom embarrassed me so much because she knew that I wasn't wearing them in school so she wrote a note to my teacher asking her to make sure that I was wearing them. Of course, the teacher made a point to call me out in front of everyone. The things we remember and stick with us from our childhood!! Long story short, I have always hated wearing glasses. I tried wearing contacts and that didn't go well, I ended up scratching my cornea and could never get used to having them in my eyes. I enjoyed many years of awesome vision after my Lasik surgery, until...

Apparently, Lasik will not stop the aging process and your need for reading glasses. It is like it happened overnight! I have teased my husband for a few years now about his reading glasses, I even keep a pair in my purse for when we are in restaurants so he can see the menu! My time has come and I need reading glasses a lot of the time and I think I might even need some help with my distance. I dread having to purchase glasses, all I see is that second grader sitting in class being teased about her glasses. What do y'all think about wearing glasses, dislike them as much as me?

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