• Julie Manquen

Circling Back

Sometimes I think we are just meant to be involved in a specific career or have a love of something. I can remember it beginning all the way back in my childhood, watching my Mom putting her hair up in hot rollers and putting on her make-up. She “got ready” for the day, every day. I would sit on her bed and just watch her; I can still see it clear as day! My love for hair did not stop there, when I was a teen, I loved trying all kinds of styles. It was the 80s, so I had big hair and used lots of hair spray. I remember my Mom yelling at me for using too much!

My 80s Hair!

After high school, I went to Cosmetology school and got my license. I was a hairstylist for years! It worked well when my kids were younger, I could work my schedule around their schedule. But when they got older the evenings and Saturdays did not seem to work as well for our family. I went back to school and had been in the medical field ever since. I was always like my Mom in the way that I have always liked to get up every day and “get ready” for the day. Hair, make-up because you never know who you will run into!

So, I spent about ~12 years as a hairstylist, then the next ~18 in the medical field. Let us not waste any time doing math, I am old! While in the medical field I still loved hair, I did not want to come back out of retirement to go behind the chair again, but I love everything about being able to help people feel good about themselves again. We do not have to be vain but let’s be honest, we feel better about ourselves when our hair and skin look better, it’s just a fact!

I started my blog, Hello South last year. I love it, I love talking about our adventure moving from Ohio to South Carolina. But I was still missing something. In walks my friend Danielle! She brings me this amazing business opportunity called Monat. A shampoo company? You see, I have always been a snob when it comes to my products, anyone who is a hairstylist will tell you that this is true. We only use salon-quality products! I was not about to switch to a shampoo that was not sold from a salon warehouse! Okay, so yes, I finally gave in and tried it. You might be able to tell that I have been hooked ever since! From my very first shampoo my hair has never felt so clean, never has had so much body and shine!

Why do I talk SO much about Monat’s products? Because they have totally transformed my hair, skin, and life! The products are top of the line, free from toxins and harmful fragrances, vegan, naturally based, and leaping bunny approved! The company is based in the USA, products are made here, they REALLY care about their Market Partners and customers. They listen and their compensation program is better than anyone else’s! I cannot skip one of the best parts, I have become part of a group of women that lift each other up, they celebrate each other and do not tear you down when you succeed. I had been missing this in my life.

I have circled back to where I began but in a stronger and more fulfilled way. I am so excited about what this chapter in my life is going to bring and who it is going to bring into my life!

Is it JUST shampoo? No! It is so much more; it will be the best products that you have ever used, it will bring the most amazing people and experiences into your life if you are open to it!

If you want to hear more about the company or would like to just go straight to having a consultation, just click the link below that you prefer! I look forward to hearing from you!

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